"Everyone who has rallied to get me on this list I love you all. To have a black trans woman at the top of this list if it’s only for today is so major. Keep voting. Voting is open til April 22.” — Laverne Cox via Facebook
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"Instead of using its position to line the pockets of water companies, the World Bank should support what is most needed: affordable and clean – and public – water for all."

Opinion: World Bank wants water privatized, despite risks: Efforts endanger access to and pricing of life’s most precious resource (via aljazeeraamerica)




Dori Atlantis - Cunt Cheerleaders, 1971
L-R: Cay Lang, Vanalyne Green, Dori Atlantis and Sue Boud
Students of the Feminist Art Program, Fresno State College (now California State University, Fresno), 1970-71



Francoise Hardy at the Eiffel Tower 



My hometown became infinitely better when I was able to drink without abandon.




One of Amy Schumer’s comedy routines begins with the declaration, “I’m a little sluttier than the average bear. I really am.”
Degrees of sluttiness may be hard to define, but Schumer does talk frankly about many subjects — including sex — that can be uncomfortable for people, both in her stand-up act and on her Comedy Central series, Inside Amy Schumer, now in its second season. 
When Amy spoke with Terry Gross last year, she revealed why she’s so at ease talking about sex:  

"I have a joke where I say, ‘Oh, I’m going to bring [my mom] to a soccer game because I want to show her what boundaries look like.’ I just grew up in a house where things weren’t that taboo to talk about. And my mom, when she was teaching us to say our different body parts, taught me how to say ‘vagina’ the same that she taught me how to say ‘ear.’I think she wanted us to be able to tell her if we were ever molested without being embarrassed — and so there wasn’t this sense of shame. And I was running around naked to an age that probably wasn’t appropriate and just never was made to feel embarrassed or shamed because of my body or think anything was wrong with me, probably to a fault." 

I like you, Amy






"Baby, come back to bed…" (at Davis)



i finally had to give in and start reading game of thrones because i am literally going to die if i dont find out what happens next and also must alleviate the guilt of acting like a GoT fan without having read the books which is always in the back of my mind that one day someone will call me out for it haha

wow that is a run on sentence

Same, Claire.



RIP Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
Photograph by Helmut Newton.